Idukki district is famous for its mountain-system and dense forests. Idukki is also known as a place of dams and power generation.The Hydrolic Power Project in Idukki satisfies about 66% power needs of Kerala state.


The famous hydral project the Malankara dam is developing as a famous tourist centre which is 6 kms away from Thodupuzha. Muthalakodam is a pilgrimage centre located 3 km east of Thodupuzha Town. Kodikutti, a rock area, 5 km from Thodupuzha. Earlier Thekankoor palace was situated here. The route is Thodupuzha - chalassery - Karimannoor. Nagapuzha - a place which is having St.Mary's church is just 8 km from thodupuzha. Nediyasala St. Mary’s Church is a Marian Pilgrim Centre which is located around 6 km west of Thodupuzha. Thommankuthu is a famous waterfall and tourist place located 18 km from town in Karimannoor Panchayath. Uravappara which is just 1 kms away from Thodupuzha, is a place related with the characters in the legend Mahabharatham.

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Thodupuzha Bridge