Karshikamela is one of the main yearly event conducted in Thodupuzha by the organization called Gandhiji Study Centre.


Highlights of the Mela


Seminars on various aspects on agriculture and rural development, flower show, crop exhibition and competition, Agri- sports and cattle show are the main attractions of the Mela. Agri- sports include competitions in coconut -tree climbing, coconut de-husking, paddy harvesting, rubber tapping, slicing of tapioca etc. This is arranged for male and female compotators.


Gandhiji Study Centre


Gandhiji Study Centre was established in the year 1983 with Shri. P.J.Joseph as Chairman (P.J.Joseph was Minister in Kerala several times, holding portfolios of Home, Revenue, Education, Works and Housing.) This Centre is a voluntary socio-cultural organization for promoting and practicing Gandhian values and thoughts. Among its practical projects the Centre has over the years tried to focus on the overall agriculture development of Kerala.
Gandhiji Study Centre has been, as part of 'Karshika Mela', honouring farmers in Kerala by giving a prize of Rupees One lakh for the best organic farmer. Attractive prizes are given for Cows and Buffaloes. There are special prizes for those who present maximum number of crops.
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Thodupuzha Bridge