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The Sajwothama Sir C. P. Ramaswamy Iyer Shashtyabdipoorthy Memorial Hall was built to promote the artistic and cultural life of Thodupuzhites. It was built in 1939 and is the first institution built for promoting arts and culture of the people in Thodupuzha. Now it is known as Thodupuzha Town Hall.


The arts that existed 70 years ago were only temple arts such as kooth, Kootiyattam, kalamezhuttum pattum, ottanthullal, kathakali, garudanthookkam, mutiyettu, etc. Among the christians, an art form called " atachuthurappattu" was popular . It is a dance and song sequence enacted outside the nuptial chambers of a newly married couple on their first night. At Christian Churches chavittunatakam, a dance and speech art form with a martial theme, is enacted widely. Now the art that is popular among christians is Margam kali. Among muslims the popular arts are oppana and mappilappattu.


With the passage of time and the progress recorded in the advance of the literacy, the old art forms were forced to give way to progressive arts. Among the new crop of arts that surfaced was kathaprsangam. To promote this art form, a number of clubs sprang up in Thodupuzha, notable among them being the Social Arts Club, the Janatha Arts and Sports Club and the Young India Arts Club. The first cinema theatre that opened its doors at Thodupuzha was the Jos Theatre in its wake were opened other movie houses such as the Aiswarya Theatre, the New Theatre and the Vismaya Theatre.

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